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Reported Resistance Case(s)

Species: tetranychus urticae

Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
acari tetranychidae twospotted spider mite AG cotton, fruits, vegetables, walnut, ornamentals

Active Ingredient: permethrin

MOA: Sodium channel modulators, Pyrethroids, Pyrethrins, DDT
Group: PYR CAS #: 52645-53-1 Shaugnessy Code: 109701

Resistance Case(s)

Case Id Year of Report Type of Resistance Location Reference
G3397 1978 Unspecified
Roush, R. T. and Hoy, M. A. (1978). Relative toxicity of permethrin to a predator, Metaseiulus occidentalis and its prey, Tetranychus urticae.. Environ. Entomol., 7 287-88.
G2361 1974 Unspecified
United Kingdom Cranham 1974b. (1974).
*The population was created solely by selection and/or genetic manipulation.
**The population was selected further in the laboratory after collection.