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thrips tabaci


Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
thysanoptera thripidae onion thrips AG onion

Shown Resistance to Active Ingredient(s)

  1. aldrin
  2. carbosulfan (#2)
  3. cyhalothrin-lambda (#23)
  4. cypermethrin (#6)
  5. cypermethrin-alpha (#2)
  6. DDT (#3)
  7. deltamethrin (#35)
  8. diazinon (#16)
  9. dichlorvos (#4)
  10. dieldrin
  11. dimethoate
  12. emamectin benzoate (#2)
  13. endosulfan
  14. imidacloprid
  15. methidathion
  16. methomyl (#2)
  17. permethrin (#4)
  18. profenofos (#5)
  19. spinosad (#2)

Citation(s) of Resistance

# Citation
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8 Herron, G., Langfield, B., Tomlinson, T., and Mo, J. (2011). Dose-response testing of Austrialian populations of onion thrips Thrips tabaci Lindeman (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) further refines baseline data and detects methidathion and likely imidacloprid resistance. Austrialian Journal of Entomology , 50 418-423.
9 Lebedev, G., Abo-Moch, F., Gafni, G., Ben-Yakir, D., and Ghanim, M. (2013). High-level of resistance to spinosad, emamectin benzoate and carbosulfan in populations of Thrips tabaci collected in Israel. Pest Management Science, 69 274-277.
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Location(s) Where Resistance is Reported

# Location

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