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Reported Resistance Case(s)

Species: culex pipiens pipiens

Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
diptera culicidae house mosquito MED House Mosquito

Active Ingredient: profenofos

MOA: Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors, Organophophates
Group: OP CAS #: 41198087 Shaugnessy Code: 111401

Resistance Case(s)

Case Id Year of Report Type of Resistance Location Reference
G4184 1984 Field Evolved Resistance
France Wood, R. J., Pasteur, N. and Sinegre, G. (1984). Carbamate and organophosphate resistance in Culex pipiens L.. (Diptera: Culicidae) in southern France and the significance of Est-3A. Bull. Ent. Res., 74 677-87.
*The population was created solely by selection and/or genetic manipulation.
**The population was selected further in the laboratory after collection.