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Reported Resistance Case(s)

Species: leptinotarsa decemlineata

Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
coleoptera chrysomelidae colorado potato beetle AG eggplant, pepper, potato, tomato

Active Ingredient: lindane

MOA: GABA-gated chloride channel antagonists, Cyclodiene organochlorines
Group: CYCLO CAS #: 58-89-9 Shaugnessy Code: 9001

Resistance Case(s)

Case Id Year of Report Type of Resistance Location Reference
G3905 1981 Unspecified
New Jersey
Forgash, A. J. (1981). Insecticide resistance of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say).. In: Advances in Potato Pest Management, J. H. Lashomb and R. Casagrande, eds., Hutchinson Ross Publishing Co., Strusburg, PA.
G2786 1975 Unspecified
Poland Lakocy, A. and Grabarkiewicz, A. (1975). Aktualne zagadnienia zwiazane z rozwojen odpornosci szodnikow roslin rolniczycn na pestycydy na przykiadzie slodyszka rzepakowegs i niektoych gatunkow chowaczy i mszyc.. Pr. Nauk. Inst. Ochr. Rosl. Warsz., 16 7-51.
G2170 1974 Unspecified
Austria Faber, W. . (1974). Communication to FAO.
G1146 1967 Unspecified
Czechoslovakia (1967). Report of the First Session of the FAO Working Party of Experts on Resistance of Pests to Pesticides.. FAO, Rome 1965.
G922 1965 Unspecified
Germany Steiner 1965. (1965).
G925 1965 Unspecified
Spain Keller, M.R. (1965). In: FAO 1967.
G926 1965 Unspecified
Portugal Cabal, A. (1965). In: FAO 1967.
G927 1965 Unspecified
Italy Rui, D. (1965). In: FAO 1967.
G240 1960 Unspecified
France Lhoste, J. (1960). Insectes et acariens d'interet agricole resistant aux insecticides.. Phytiatr. Phytopharm., 9 161-66.
*The population was created solely by selection and/or genetic manipulation.
**The population was selected further in the laboratory after collection.