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MOA: Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors, Organophophates
Group: OP CAS #: 13171216 Shaugnessy Code: 18201

Reported Resistance

Species Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
amblyseius fallacis acari phytoseiidae predatory mite PAR
aphis gossypii homoptera aphididae melon and cotton aphid AG cotton, vegetables
myzus persicae homoptera aphididae green peach aphid AG flower, crops, fruit, trees, grains, tobacco, vegetables
panonychus ulmi acari tetranychidae european red mite AG fruit trees
phorodon humuli homoptera aphididae hop aphid AG hop, plum
plutella xylostella lepidoptera plutellidae diamond-back moth AG crucifers, nasturtium
rhipicephalus microplus acari ixodidae southern/tropical cattle tick MED cattle
tetranychus cinnabarinus acari tetranychidae carmine spider mite AG
tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae twospotted spider mite AG cotton, fruits, vegetables, walnut, ornamentals

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