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MOA: Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors, Carbamates
Group: CAR CAS #: 16752775 Shaugnessy Code: 90301

Reported Resistance

Species Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
aedes albopictus diptera culicidae asian tiger mosquito, forest day mosquito MED human
aphis gossypii homoptera aphididae melon and cotton aphid AG cotton, vegetables
apolygus lucorum hemiptera miridae AG
bactrocera dorsalis diptera tephritidae oriental fruit fly AG Fruits
bactrocera zonata diptera tephritidae Fruit fly AG vegetables and fruits
bemisia tabaci homoptera aleyrodidae sweetpotato whitefly AG cotton
brevicoryne brassicae hemiptera aphididae cabbage aphid AG brassicaceae
chrysoperla carnea neuroptera chrysopidae common green lacewing PAR
diglyphus begini hymenoptera eulophidae leafminer parasitoid PAR
earias vittella lepidoptera noctuidae the spotted bollworm AG cotton
frankliniella occidentalis thysanoptera thripidae western flower thrips AG cotton
ganaspidium utilis hymenoptera eucoilidae leafminer parasitoid PAR
helicoverpa armigera lepidoptera noctuidae cotton bollworm AG cotton, corn, sorghum, tomato
helicoverpa assulta lepidoptera noctuidae oriental tobacco budworm AG
heliothis assulta lepidoptera noctuidae oriental tobacco budworm/cape gooseberry budworm AG tobacco
heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae tobacco budworm AG chickpea, corn, cotton, tobacco
heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae american bollworm, corn earworm AG cereals, cotton, grains, vegetables
keiferia lycopersicella lepidoptera gelechiidae tomato pinworm AG
margaronia hyalinata lepidoptera pyralidae pickle worm AG cucumber, melon
metaseiulus occidentalis acari phytoseiidae western predatory mite PAR mites
musca domestica diptera muscidae house fly MED
myzus persicae homoptera aphididae green peach aphid AG flower, crops, fruit, trees, grains, tobacco, vegetables
nephotettix cincticeps homoptera cicadellidae green rice leafhopper AG rice
pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae pink bollworm AG cotton
phorodon humuli homoptera aphididae hop aphid AG hop, plum
phyllonorycter blancardella lepidoptera gracillariidae spotted tentiform leafminer AG apple
pieris rapae lepidoptera pieridae cabbage white AG crucifers
plusia brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae silvery moth AG cotton, vegetables
plutella xylostella lepidoptera plutellidae diamond-back moth AG crucifers, nasturtium
pseudoplusia includens lepidoptera noctuidae soybean looper AG soybean
spodoptera exigua lepidoptera noctuidae beet army worm, lesser army worm AG cotton, tomato, celery, lettuce, cabbage and alfalfa
spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae fall armyworm AG cotton, grains, grasses, sugarcane
spodoptera littoralis lepidoptera noctuidae egyptian cotton leafworm, army worm AG alfalfa, cotton, potato, vegetables
spodoptera litura lepidoptera noctuidae mediterranean climbing cutworm AG Tobacco
tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae twospotted spider mite AG cotton, fruits, vegetables, walnut, ornamentals
thrips tabaci thysanoptera thripidae onion thrips AG onion
trialeurodes vaporariorum homoptera aleyrodidae greenhouse whitefly AG cucumber, tomato, ornamentals
trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae cabbage looper AG crucifers

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