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tetranychus turkestani


Order Family Common Name(s) Group Host
acari tetranychidae strawberry spider mite AG

Shown Resistance to Active Ingredient(s)

  1. abamectin
  2. bifenthrin
  3. fenbutatin oxide
  4. propargite
  5. tau-fluvalinate

Citation(s) of Resistance

# Citation
1 Kolmes, S.A., T.J. Dennehy, and Y. Sam. (1994). Contrasting Behaviour of Twospotted Spider Mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) on Discontinuous Residues of a Pyrethoid and a Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Acaricide. Journal of Economic Entomology, 87(3) 559-565.
2 Campos, F., R.A. Dybas, and D.A. Krupa. (1995). Susceptibility of tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) Populations in California to abamectin. Journal of Economic Entomology, 88(2) 225-231.
3 Goodwin, S., G. Herron, N. Gough, T. Wellham, J. Rophail, and R. Parker. (1995). Relationship Between Insecticide-Acaricide Resistance and Field Control in Tertranychus urticae (tetranychidae) Infesting Roses. Journal of Economic Entomology, 88(5) 1106-1112.

Location(s) Where Resistance is Reported

# Location

Other Reference

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